SIL G - "unmodified standard silica layers"

Silica 60, specific surface (BET) – 500 m2/g, mean pore size 60A, specidic pore volume 0,75 ml/g, particle size 5 – 17 um:standard grade.

Thickness of layer for analytical plates 0,25 mm. For preparative plates 0,5 and 1,0 mm. For 2,0 mm preparative layers a slightly closer material is used.

Indicators : manganese activated zinc silicate with green fluorescence for short-wave UV ( 254 nm ); special inorganic fluorescent pigment with blue fluorescence for long-wave UV ( 366 nm ).

Binders: highly polimeric products, which are stable in allmost all organic solvents and resistant towards aggressive visualisation reagents. 

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