EYE WASH BOTTLE – “compact size ”

Manufactured as a personal eye wash bottle for emergency use.

Ideal size for persons being frequently present in different risky working areas.

Compact size offers easy carry in a jacket pocket.

The spray head fits securely around the eye socket to hold eyelid in an open position during application.

Eye wash bottle provides a soft, broad and effective spray with a single action.

The spray head has a perforated plate to break up the stream providing a gentle spray to the eye.

A capped ait vent valve prevents drawback of the contaminated eye wash back to the reservoir.

Snap-on cap covers the spray head in a hygenic way and guarantees perfect protection of inside from dust and other enviromental effects.

Contaminated used solution exits through a drain tube which rotates in any direction

Alternative 2 products: Eye wash bottle filled with sterile saline solution, Eye wash bottle filled with sterile neutralisation solution.

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