GLOVES – “neopren” - “for chemical protection”


Manufactured from pure nitrile free from phthalate softeners and latex proteins which can cause allergy to the skin. 

Classified as CE catagory III they can be used both at laboratories and industry.

Provides an excellent balance of properties against chemical and mechanical risks.

Offer protection against semi- concentrated acids, concentrated bases, cocentrated saline solutions, glycerol, solvents, alcohols, fats and oils.

Provide superior mechanical resistance against abration and perforation

Easy to wear due to the anatomical shape. Extremely supple due to the multi-layer technology.

Excellent fit and  flexible texture offers full dexterity and comfort during use.

Cotton flock liner inside the glove absorbs moisture and prevents sweating during use.

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Slightly textured fingers and palm guarantees excellent grip and handling option both for dry, wet an deven oily products.


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