MASK - “half face”

Designed and manufactured according to DIN EN 140 and EN 14387 standards for protection of mouth and nose.                 

All parts contacting with the face are manufactured from silicone.

Featured with a cool flow valve for extremely low exhalation resistance and prevents buit-up heat in the mask.

Easy to adjustand  drop-down straps enables easy and fast wear of the mask.

Strong and wide flange seals provides security even while walking.

Ergonomically designed, soft silicone facepiece perfectly fits to the contours of the face without pressure points providing full comfort.

Extremely comfortable canister filter system with exchangeable cartridge filter ensures low breathing resistance.

Supplied with a multiple gas cartridge for protection from dust, fine particles, mist, smoke, organic vapours and gases with boiling point 65 C degree or above.

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