SAFETY LABELS - “GHS pictograms”


Designed for easy identification of materials with the universally applicable hazard symbols of the Globally Harmonised System of classification and labelling of chemicals.

Manufactured from 100 um glossy PE film with acrylic resin adhesive back. Surface featured with additional protective lacquer.

This unique combination expands and retracts together with temperature fluctuations and guarantees allways a strong adhesive bond.

Chemically inert, water proof, moisture and most solvents and caustic agents. Can be used between - 20 C to + 80 C temperature range.

Adheres to any clean surface including PTFE coated surfaces without cracking, peeling and degrading. Peels off without leaving any sticky residue.

Alternative two sizes: 26 x 37 mm dimentions, 37 x 52 mm dimentions

GHS 01 : explosive

GHS 02 : flame

GHS 03 : oxidizing

GHS 04 : gas cylinder

GHS 05 : corrosive

GHS 06 : toxicity

GHS 07 : irritation

GHS 08 : health hazardous

GHS 09 : enviromental hazardous  

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