CENTRIFUGE - "clinical"

Ideal centrifuge for fast separation of serum, plasma, urea, blood samples and other routine applications in medical , research and chemical laboratories.

Explosion proof  and marked as CE, cTUVus, and FCC. MCA test according to IEC/EN611010-2-20.

Brushless  DC motor accelerates the rotor to the set speed with low vibration and  also with a quiet operation less than 56 dB noise level.

User friendly large LCD display enables easy setting and reading of the funtional parameters.

Both RPM and RCF can be set and displayed. The parameters can be modified after the set speed is reached.

Starts and reaches a maximum speed of 4.500 rpm with max 2.490 RCF in seconds. Speed can be set with an accuracy of +/- 20 rpm.

Metal casing with low gravity , provides stable and reliable running at maximum speed.

Timer can be set from 30 seconds to 99 minutes or continuous running. Timer starts once the target speed is reached for more accurate operation time.

Short spin function is used for quick spins by pressing and holding the “pulse”  key.

Featured with a dual door interlock system for twice safety . Electronic brake immediately stops when lid opens for user safety. Lid is released automatically when the rotor stops.

The unique design guarantees stable running and high accuracy of speed. High strength plastic rotor and excellent balance technology to guarantee a quiet and stable operation.

Delivered complete with a 12 cavity angled rotor and suitable adaptors to be used with 15 ml conical tubes and  all kinds of blood collection tubes.


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