HOMOGENIZER - "light duty"

Practical solution if mixing, emulsification, shredding or chopping is required for small samples.

Easy to hold due to the light weight for one hand operation. Can be used both hand-held or post mounted

High torque motor with a variable speed adjustment enables rapid and effective disruption of a wide range of samples

Flexible configuration of different rotors and stators enables the homogenisator adaptive to most applications.,

Can rapidly homogenize  samples inrange  0,1 ml to 50 ml or 1 ml – 250 ml of liquid depending on the rotor/stator type.

During operation, the sample is drawn into the core of the homogenizer . The material is repeatedly cycled through narrow slits in the probe where it is rapidly disintegrated by high shear

Maximum speed of 30.000 rpm rate reduces processing time significantly.

Complete homogenization of samples is usually achieved in a few seconds. Reliable results are assured with extremely high presicion.

Smooth motor drive makes working very safe and comfortable. Smooth acceleration also prevents unnecessary spills. An overload protection feature increases the life span of the motor.

Shafts , rotors and stators  are constructed of quality 316 stainless steel which is inert to agressive solutions

Assambly and disassemly of rotors can be done without requirement of  special tools.

Shafts, rotors , stators are not supplied as a standard accesory. These schould be ordered separately.


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