HOMOGENIZER - "paddle blender"

Designed for homogenisation of samples while isolating them from any possible contamination.

Widely used in food, feed, cosmetics and pharmaceutical laboratories for homogenization proses during microbiological or toxicological testing.

The two stainless steel paddles gently, but thoroughly homogenize the sample with the diluent and microorganisms are forced to join the liquid phase.

High quality enduring motors ensure a safe and efficient homogenization with minimum sound level.

Samples are prepared in disposable sterile bags so that the cross contamination is avoided. The UV light source in the homogenization chamber also reduce the risk of cross contamination.

Heater control enables a temperature operating range from ambient to 50 C.

Windowed door ensures permanent control over blending process for perfect results

Featured with a LCD control panel with programmable settings of all parameters.

Supplied complete with a stainless steel homogenizator bag stand that carries four bags with colour differentiated bag clamps and two paddle protector.


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