BOTTLES - "for water sampling"- polypropylene" - "without sodium thiosulfate"

Manufactured from polyethylene  for taking, transporting and storing of water samples for microbiological analysis.. They can be used for all analysis where a sterile sample is required.

These bottles are manufactured at aseptically sterile production halls and then send to gamma sterilisation. Such informations as Lot number, production and expiry dates etc are indicated on the packing.

Alternative 2  products: Clear bottles, Amber  bottles

Amber bottles preferably used with UV light sensitive samples.

Square bottle form offers easy handling and optimum space saving solutions.

GL 50 wide bottle neck provides easy filling and pouring.

Cap with large ridges with increased grip featured with self lock and internal security ring. Cap inner design ensures hermetical and leak-proof closure.

Embossed volume graduations on wall side offers better liquid level viewing.

Alternative 2 packing:

                                           “Bulk packed” ; where bottles are packed as a group in a box.

                                          “Single packed”;  where bottles are first individually packed in P.E bags and  then repacked in a box.


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