LABELS - "circular form"


Manufactured from polyfiber grade flexible paper with acrylic resin adhesive back.

This unique combination expands and retracts together with temperature fluctuations and guarantees allways a strong adhesive bond.

Chemically inert, resists to water, moisture and most organic solvents and caustic agents. Can be used between -196 °C to + 80 °C temperature range.

Adheres to any clean surface including PTFE coated surfaces without cracking, peeling and degrading. Peels off without leaving any sticky residue.

Recommended to be used on tube caps with different diameters. Supplied as rolls packed in a dispenser box for practicle use.

Supplied as white colour or as “rainbow pack”  pack with 6 different colours matching the universal hazard color codes. ( yellow tape for chemical reactivity warnings , blue tape for health hazards warnings, green tape for safety warnings, red tape for flammability warnings , orange tape for biohazardwarnings , white tape for general purpose ) 


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