TAPES - "for labelling" - "roll"

Manufactured from colored paper with special resin adhesive that resists to moisture and most solvents.

Can be used between -80 °C to + 140 °C temperature range. Also withstands steam autoclaving cycle and gamma irradiation.

Adheres to any clean surface including PTFE coated surfaces and peels off without leaving any sticky residue.

Accepts writing from allmost all pen types such as pencil, ball point pen, solvent ink marker, etc.   

Markings remain absolutely legible under the most demanding laboratory conditions.

Supplied as white colour or as “rainbow pack”  pack with 6 different colours matching the universal hazard color codes. ( yellow tape for chemical reactivity warnings , blue tape for health hazards warnings, green tape for safety warnings, red tape for flammability warnings , orange tape for biohazardwarnings , white tape for general purpose ) 


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