CELL SPREADER - "HIPS" - "sterile"

Manufactured from HIPS in germ-free , class 10.000 sterile production areas and then re-sterilised by gamma irrediation.

Supplied with a certificate as a guarantee of “DNase, RNase & pyrogen free” product.

Ultra smooth , edgeless designed,  triangular spreading head  allows easy and problem-free spreading without the risk of cutting or gauging the agar surface.

Highly flexible body form enables comfortable and efficient spreading and avoids streaking of cultures.

Rippled designed ergonomic handle improves gripping efficiency and assists easy orientation of the spreader head

Handle flexes slightly under pressure allowing the triangular head for perfect ,evenly distributed and uniform pressure on the agar surface.

Individually single packed with lot number, production date and expiry date printed on the package.


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