FLASKS - “for cell culture”

Manufactured from optically clear polystrene in germ-free , class 10.000 sterile production areas and then re-sterilised by gamma irrediation. Supplied with a certificate as a guarantee of “DNase, RNase & pyrogen free” product.

Offers absolutely flat growth surface with surface activated growt area  for fast and efficient growth.

Special design offers minimized contamination risk. Angled design of the flask neck allows easy access to each corner with %100 cell retrieval without leaving any dead corners.

Alternative 2 cap types

  • Plug seal cap for airtight culture
  • Vent cap for open cultute

Caps are made from polypropylene  with large ridges with increased grip. Cap inner design ensures hermetical and leak-proof closure.

Caps can be opened and closed with single hand. A 2/3 turn of the cap will be sufficient for hermetic and leak-proof closure.

Graduations on the side wall offers visial control of the filled volume. Marking area on side wall enables easy marking and labelling.

Individually single packed with lot number, production date and expiry date printed on the package.


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