Consists of a scientific research camera with Aptina CMOS sensor for advanced video and image processing.

Offers excellently clear projection of the images from microscopes to screens and practical photo and video shootings.

Featured with hardware resolution among 0,35M to 14M and USB 2.0 interface for high speed data transmission.

Ultra-fine color engine guarantees perfect color reproducibility.

Other pces are ; Maximum resolution : 8.000.000 Pixels / Pixel size : 1,67 µm x 1,67 µm /  Dynamic range : 65,2 dB. / SN ratio : 34 dB / Spectral range : 380 – 650 nm / Exposure : 0,38 ms – 2000 ms , ROI Auto & Manual

Sturdy zinc aluminum housing for a very long life cycle.

Very easy to use ; first remove the eyepiece from the ocular tube. Then screw the image projector to the eyepiece and insert the eyepiece to the ocular tube.


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