Manufactured from polypropylene for “before” and “after” use at PCR sampling and applications.

Rack can  carry 3 different size PCR tubes & PCR strips.

  • 96 x 0,2 ml PCR tubes  ( 8 x 12 array )
  • 12 x strip of 8 PCR tubes ( 8 x 12 array ) 
  • 8 x strip of 12 PCR tubes ( 8 x 12 array ) 

The rack can be used alone or as inserted and acupled into a workstation.

Alphanumerical index on tube rows enables easy identification of tube positions.

Translucent and clear lid fully covers the rack protecting rack interior from dust and other enviromental effects.

Lid also allows safe storage of racks on each other for reducing storage space.


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