Manufactured from polypropylene for accommodetion of different size PCR tubes and PCR strips.

Rack can  carry 3 different size tubes

  • 32 x 0,2 ml PCR tubes  ( 4 x 8 array )
  • 16 x 0,5 ml PCR tubes  ( 2 x 8 array )
  • 24 x 1,5 ml micro tubes ( 4 x 6 array ) 

Alphanumerical index on tube rows enables easy identification of tube positions.

Translucent and clear lid fully covers the rack protecting rack interior from dust and other enviromental effects.

Frosted marking areas on lid sides provides a convenient area for marking and labelling.

Lid also allows safe storage of racks on each other for reducing storage space.

PCR rack can be inserted into the working station in order to form a combined and practical working unit.

PCR rack can be inserted and locked in the PCR  work station to form a combine working unit.


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