PIPETTES – “serological” –” polystrene”

Manufactured from virgin polystrene with excellent optical transperancy.

Sterilized with gamma irrediation. Free of RNase, DNase, DNA and pyrogene

Unique design offers a smooth interior which prevents cell-hanging and clumping inside the pipette wall.

Stable and break-resistant pipette tip offers constant the reproducible flow in each time.

Optimised mouthpiece perfectly fits to all types of pipette pumps and balls.

Filter plug at the mouthpiece prevents overflow of liquid  and also eliminates contamination.

Colour coded ring mark at suction stem allows fast identification and sourcing.

The sharp, black, highly visible permanent graduations prevent ambiguity and guarantee precise reading and accurate dispensing.

Reverse graduations show actual removed or remaining volumes on all pipettes larger than 1 ml volume.

Pipettes are supplied individually wrapped in fiber-free colour coded paper as easy-to-open packing.


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