RACKS - “monoblock”

Manufactured from modified polypropylene which enables the racks to be used in water baths without floating

3 racks  carries 2 different size  tubes.

  • 50 x 15 ml ( 5 x 10 array ) centrifuge tubes
  • 28 x 50 ml ( 4 x 7 array )  centrifuge tubes.
  • 21 x 15 ml + 12 x 50 ml centrifuge tubes

Offers a very long life cycle due to the very robust construction.

Raised tube sockets guarantees firm hold of the tubes at their exact positions.

Alphanumerical index on the lid enables easy identification of tube positions.

Racks  are supplied already asembled. Can be easily dismantled in few seconds for reducing storage area.


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