Highly reliable design for stirring low to medium viscous media with a vibration free and silent operation.

Maintenance free, silent and explotion proof   DC motor offers a stirring volume upto 20 L with a smooth start without sample overflow and a quick stop.

Sturdy aluminum main body efficiently absorbs and emits the heat generated by the motor.

Electronic speed control from 0 to 2200 rpm provides a gentle revolution and precise stirring speed even at high temperatures.

Large LED  panel for simultaneous display for set & actual speed.

Overload safety feature automatically stops the operation and protects all mechanical and electronic components..

Stirring shafts can be easily inserted to their position by “push through” system.

Stirring shaft, stand and fixing clamp are not supplied as a standard accesory. These schould be ordered separately.

accesories for mechanical stirrer - “stand & bosshead”

Bosshead manufactured from steel with opening distance of 0 - 20 mm.

Sturdy construction specially enables holding heavy objects such as stirrers. Catalogue No: 615.01.012

Stirrer stand is made from powder coated cast steel. Unique base design offers very stable holding of the assambled stirrer and also possibility of getting close to the stand rod.

Supplied complete with 14 mm diameter stainless steel support rod. Catalogue No: 049.09.250

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