ROTATOR - "horizontal" - "LCD display"

Offers continuous or time controlled vertical rotational mixing  for variety of applications such as general mixing , hybridization and hematology applications

Adjustable speed control from 10 to 70 rpm provides a regulated gentle revolution and precise stirring speed.

Rotisserie type vertical rotor mixing angle is adjustable from 0 to 90 degree angle

Infinitely adjustable time control from 1 to 1199 minutes.

Reliable and extremely quiet motor qurantees an even distributed efficient mixing for all speeds ranges

Large LCD  panel provides  simultaneous display for time & speed.

Tube holders  can  easily removable and replaceble with optional holders that can hold different tube sizes.

Rotator supplied without tube holders. Please selct the suitable tube holder from options shown at the bottom of the page.

Tube holder for 1,5 ml micro tubes

Tube holder for 15 ml centrifuge tubes

Tube holder for 50ml centrifuge tubes

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