VORTEX MIXER - "advanced"


Offers touch and continuous orbital mixing for variety of applications.

Provides efficient mixing with infinitely adjustable speed control from 0 to 3000 rpm

Guarantees perfect mixing of a 50 ml tube in 3 seconds with 6 mm diameter orbital movement

Unique counter-balance system creates maximum vortex power while minimizing the noice and excessive vibration.

Aluminium cast base avoids unnecessary “walking” and slip resistant silicone feet  pads minimizes the vibration enabling an excellent stable operation by a tight hold to the work bench.

Reliable and extremely quiet motor quarantees an even distributed efficient mixing for all speeds ranges.

Head is easily removable and replaceble with optional adapters that offers multiple use with different tube diameters.

Can be used both in cold rooms , incubators and anaerobic and aerobic chambers due to the small foot print and extremely compact design.

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