MICROPIPETTES - "8 channel" - "fully autoclavable" - "for research"

8 channel pipettes share many of the features of single channel pipettes.

4 models cover volume range from 0,5 µl to 300 µl and fulfills all the requirements of a modern pipette.

Significantly lighter weight than many other pipettes.

Fully autoclavable, ultralight and with balanced body offers greatest comfort for extended pipetting periods.

Contoured and ergonomic body shape that fits perfectly to all hand sizes.

PP/PVDF/anodized aluminium and stainless steel body construction guarantees the highest level of accuracy and precision.

Dual “O” ring technology guarantees best tip fit. Outer “O” rings make tip loading easy.

Fast and easy volume setting with single hand. Volume setting requires 50% fewer turns compared to some brands.

Volume lock prevents accidental volume changes during operation. Volume display is always fully visible.

Large pad of tip ejector guarantees easy tip ejection.

Thumb friendly soft spring pipetting system reduces plunger pressure up to 50%.

Ergonomic finger hook offers comfortable handling and to take the weight for more relaxed grip.

Tip ejector reduces thumb workload by 70%.

Each pipette is individually calibrated and certified. Serial number is printed on each pipette.

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