PIPETTE PUMP - "electrical"

Can be used with all kinds of pipettes from 0,1 ml to 100 ml volume range.

Ergonomic, light weighted and well balanced body offers full comfort and fatigue-free pipetting for extended hours.

Powerful yet quiet pump can fill a 25 ml pipette under 4 seconds.

Pump speed can be selected as high and low speed modes. Also offers gravity drain option if necessary.

Easily changeable lithium-ion batteries provide 8 hours continuous use.

Featured with a visual red bulb low battery indicator.

The intelligent charger prevents over charging. Very short charging time ( approximately 2-3 hours )  required for full charge.

Safety check valve and replaceable hydrophobic 0,45um PTFE filter provides double protection against fluid penetration.

Supplied with a wall mounting stand and a sigle-position desk stand.

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