PIPETTE TIPS - "precision" - "for research"

Manufactured from FDA approved polypropylene with consistent product quality.

Low retention is achieved by a special developed resin which offers minimum retention and maximum accuracy allowing complete retrieval of precious samples.

Maximum sample recovery eliminates sample hold-up, providing the most accurate sample delivery possible.

All pipette tips are produced in fully automatic, human touch-free, clean room facilities as DNase, RNAse, Pyrogen & PCR inhibitor free. Certified on lot basis.

Exclusive molding technology reduces the sample loss, save costly reagents and maximize accuracy and precision.

Filtered tips prevent cross contamination from sample to sample by creating a physical barrier in the tip to inhibit and block aerosols.

Optimized shape fits to all common pipettes to give perfect seal between the pipette tip and the pipette shaft.

Different lengths within the same volume range for different applications.

Universal compatibility to almost all pipette brands.

Filter barrier :  prevents cross contamination and block aerosols.

Graduation marks allow a visual confirmation of pipettes draw volume

Ultra smooth surface and crystal clear clarity  for convenience of use.

Optimized tip bevel reduces sample hang-up improving pipetting accuracy.

Alternative packing options ;


Puncture resistant bags:

Base with a  wide gusset enables self-standing and allows single-handed access to the contents.

Heat sealed above the zip-lock closure, product integrity and cleanliness is assured right down to the last tip.


Durable boxes:

Easy to open-close hinged lid with massive internal rib structure provides an extremely strong platform.

Features recessed wells to ensure perfect tip alignment.

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