PIPETTES - "pasteur" - "polyethylene"

Manufactured from low density polyethylene as an alternative to glass pasteur pipettes. No danger of glass breakage with the risk of infectious material escape.

Ideal for transfering and dispensing liquids safely in all types of laboratories eliminating the risk of cross contamination.

The low affinity of the surface reduces the loss of cells and valuable proteins through binding.

Can be heat sealed or frozen at very low temperatures such as liquid nitrogen.

Long and flexible stem can be bent to draw liquids from narrow and small size vessels.

Clearly visible volume level by external embossed graduation marks on the body.

Uniform wall thickness guarantees uniform suction force at all times and offers reproducible drop sizes for each use.

Pipette bulb requires very small pressure force for application and eliminates the risk of  cross contamination

Alternative two products: non-sterile pipettes, gamma sterile pipettes.

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