TUBE BOX - 100 well - hinged lid

Manufactured from polycarbonate with high mechanical strength and high temperature resistance between -196°C to +121°C. Uniquely designed to carry 81 pieces micro or cryo tubes in 9 x 9 array. “Hedgehog” designed tube compartments hold the tube in their position firmly. They fit all steel and polycarbonate freezer racks. Unique design with vent and drainage holes guarantees best, efficient air circulation. Forward slope base ensures quick visual orientation. Easily stackable for reducing storage space. Hinged lid with built-in stop allows very easy access to tubes. Clear box lid enables easy identification of box content and protects the tubes from dust, moisture and other enviromental effects. Vent and drainage holes at the lid and the base guarantee the best air circulation. Alphanumerical index both on tube rows and the lid enables easy identification of tube positions. Featured with a frosted write on area at the front side of the lid. Box is supplied together with a disposable forceps - made from ABS – with fine end for easy removal of tubes. Different color options offer visual sorting and organising of different samples.

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