Quality & Safety

Interlab values the success of its products as a sign of confidence from our customers in our quality system, in our logistics and in our service.


Applying this conceptional quality philosopy from the bottom to the top, Interlab doesn’t just provide outstanding quality, but is also a strong and reliable partner for its customers and suppliers.


More than that in everything we do, customer and staff satisfaction as well as adherence to the principles of environmental sustainability and the improvement of our energy efficiency are important criteria that we constantly measure and aim to improve upon.


Interlab works with its suppliers around the world to continuously improve the products and tailor them to the changing needs of a wide variety of applications. The ultimate Interlab goal is to supply laboratory equipment that supports the specific needs of our customers and meet their requirements for performance and convenience. The only way to accomplish this task is to adopt the quality mindset at every level, no matter what or where.

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