Being established in 1983 and achieved a continuous growth since then, Interlab has been focusing on its main objectives which are totally targeted to the interests of its customers and environment. While maintaining its integrity and leadership in the market, Interlab’s goal is to operate a worldwide business which produces valuable benefits for its community and to be a widely preferred global player achieving a steady growth rate in the light of its core principles of customer orientation and creating excellence. In order to reach its objective, Interlab puts utmost emphasis on building bridges to extend opportunities to its customers, seeking to grow profitably, broadening of its product portfolio and establishing long lasting business relationships in order to sustain its permanent success.


Core to our business strategy is to continually innovate as a way to evolve and grow our business. Therefore we continuously expand our product segments through partnerships and strategic alliances across the borders of industries and countries.


Efficient research and development for innovative products are key factors for achieving a steady growth rate and transforming this into a long-term success. Being one of the main core competencies, Interlab is continuously investing on its entrepreneurial creativity and spirit. Innovating a new concept which will be serving to the mutual benefit of its customers and community, positioning this concept on a concrete basis, transforming it into a measurable outcome and most importantly, focusing on business opportunities where it can achieve a competitive advantage through the superior quality of its products are the basic steps of Interlab for maintaining its pioneer vision, but also for a fast and efficient market penetration. Thus, Interlab constantly looks for contemporary products which can be launched both in domestic and foreign markets and which are able to create a sharp differentiation. In accordance with that, Interlab is keen to establish close bonds with its business partners in order to fulfill the expectations of mutual benefits and also to expand its existence through acquisitions and strategic alliances across the frontiers of different markets and countries.

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