With the EN ISO 17025 certificate İnterlab is approved by Turkish Accreditation Agency and has proven its adequacy in qualification of its special Calibration Laboratory. Therefore Interlab is proud to run and document all the relevant tests in accordance with highest European Standards.     ISO 13485 - In accordance with the Medical Devices Quality Management System which is certified to the international standard ISO 13485, INTERLAB is one of the most reliable brands, accredited and approved within the European Standards. This fact is a clear evidence of Interlab main principle to spread out its quality tradition while maintaining the human health as the first priority.


ISO 45001 - Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Services has been carefully set up by Interlab and it ensures to operate within legal laws and regulations while providing a safer and healthier quality service to its employees.     Interlab has certified its products which are carefully manufactured under proper hygienic and healthy conditions by the Food Contact Conformity certificate.

ISO 9001     ISO 14001
ISO 9001 – With its Quality Management System, Interlab has carried the quality of its products and services to the highest level. Thus, Interlab aims to fulfill its customer’s requests, expectations and focus on customer satisfaction while enhancing its existing management system continuously.     ISO 14001 – Using its Environmental Management System, Interlab aims to minimize the impact of its activities on the environment, while working in close collaboration with its customers. The main purpose is to lead the industry in efforts to improve its environmental performance and protect the nature for the benefit of next generations.


We have been certified with Qualification Certificate by Turkish Standards Institute for our on-site technical support service which was established to reach to the highest level of customer satisfaction, for Isolab branded devices. With incoming requests, Our Isolab branded devices are monitorized and raised to maximum quality level of devices by feedbacks.    


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