As a leading force in the laboratory world, the overall image of Interlab in the minds of diverse publics, such as our customers, suppliers and employees is of the utmost importance. Our corporate identity simply defines who we really are and what we aim. Thus it is our primary task to maintain and build this identity to accord with and facilitate the attainment of our business objectives.

Our goal is to create a balanced and consistent structure for use of the Interlab identity by maintaining and applying below values:



We consider ourselves part of the modern world. With our ability to focus and dynamic attitude, we are always determined to move towards the right direction. We are extremely eager to learn more about the world and benefit from its opportunities.


Creating Values

Our holistic approach towards creating values and development includes not only making money but also considering the society, ideas, technology and environment. Our business is managed with a long term perspective.



We aim to lead. Wherever we work, we have to be world-class. We are and will continue to be pioneers, setting examples and taking initiatives. Only through determination, courage, progressive thinking and an empowering approach can we achieve true leadership.



People and relations constitute the core of our business. We attach a great importance to the bond between our company and our partners, distributors and global actors as well as the team work thereof. We believe in cooperation with respect to our country and the entire globe.

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