Mission Statement


Innovative thinking and entrepreneurship constitutes the base and mission statement of Interlab. With a view to acting responsible and achieving success, Interlab focuses on innovations regarding its products and services.


Our initial goal has always been to accomodate the best products and services in our sector. Keeping in mind that such goal can be achieved through employees who think and act as entrepreneurs who are being offered a superior development and career opportunities.  


At Interlab, reliability is a core value which we establish by following the needs and expectations of our customers. Our sales team is always responsive to the advice sought by our customers. Our products have been designed as user friendly and durable. Furthermore, we attach great importance to timely deliveries.


Being trustworthy, having the willingness to succeed, equally importance of both customer and quality oriented approach and its pioneering spirit along with the respect towards the environment and people are among the most precious and indispensible values of Interlab. Together with its wide product portfolio which has gained approval and trust all around the world, Interlab has been providing its customers with the most advanced technologies for its products, while offering the highest quality and service at a competitive price level.




Interlab believes that achieving success in terms of business is only possible if the customers and the employees thereof are equally considered. As part of its strategy, Interlab makes an effort to provide stability with a view to assuring its customers and employees as well as fostering innovations for continuous improvement and progress. By virtue of adaptation and innovative thinking, we constantly follow the developments in our business sector which forces us to evaluate our products frequently and bring them to perfection.

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