ISOLAB has devoted itself to produce and supply laboratory equipment and consumables with an avant-garde and entrepreneurial approach for the benefit of its customers. Thanks to the recognition built on its customer orientation and uncompromised quality of its precise products, ISOLAB today is one of the most reliable and leading brands all around the world.


Sigma-Aldrich group is a leading Life Science and High Technology company. Their biochemical and organic chemical products and kits are used in scientific and genomic research, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical development, the diagnosis of disease and as key components in pharmaceutical and other high technology manufacturing. They have customers in life science companies, university and government institutions, hospitals, and in industry. Over one million scientists and technologists use their products. Since acquired by Merck KGaA in 2015 Sigma-Aldrich is a part of Merck's life-science business. Their extensive range includes biochemicals, antibiotics, buffers, carbohydrates, enzymes, forensic tools, hematology and histology, nucleotides, proteins, peptides, antibodies, amino acids and their derivatives, used in life science research and development. Also Sigma-Aldrich is the recognized market leader in Chemical Synthesis, providing the most innovative product range, including organic building blocks, versatile catalysts and ligands, chiral reagents for asymmetric synthesis, and ionic liquids. They also offer innovative products and services for Protein Structure Determination, Peptide Synthesis, Proteomics, Metabolic Research, MRI and NMR.


SUPELCO researches, manufactures, and supplies chromatography columns and related tools for environmental, government, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical, and chemical laboratories. Their customers can choose what they need from more than 10,000 stock products; many custom products programs expand that selection to include almost anything a chromatographer could require.


ISOLAB Chemicals is the fine chamicals brand launched by ISOLAB Laborgeräte GmbH. The product portfolio of the brand consists of analytical grade fine chemicals such as LC-MS, extra pure, Ph. Eur, ACS, ISO etc. 


INTERLAB is the supplier of Roche products, which are available in Sigma-Aldrich's product portfolio, in Turkish market . Roche is the world’s largest biotech company, with truly differentiated medicines in oncology, immunology, infectious diseases, ophthalmology and neuroscience. Roche is a well-respected company who also produces high quality kits and enzymes for cellular analysis, proteomics and conventional PCR applications.


Lab Logistics Group (LLG) brings together the combined strengths of several well-known, independent, medium-sized, laboratory supply companies from across Europe. Each partner company is in private ownership and is solely focussed on its customers. Lab Logistics Group itself acts as a central resource for product supply, marketing services and logistics support with the ability to provide competitive packages of equipment to the mutual benefit of suppliers, partners and their customers. Its mission is to support local shareholders with the necessary tools, so they are able to compete successful with worldwide companies. This has to cover the areas of purchasing, stock, distribution, catalogue marketing and market intelligence as well as assisting the partners by improving their individual businesses.



From the year 1911 on, Macherey-Nagel has been representing excellent quality, innovation and reliability in biomolecular and chemical analysis. Their perfectly equipped production facility contains filtration products, test goods for water analysis, chromatography and bioanalysis products. They are totally customer oriented, trying to fulfill their needs and they design, manufacture and distribute more than 20.000 different kinds of products. With more than 470 well educated and experienced staff members, they offer the best and most efficient service to their customers.

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