Human safety and protection of the environment are primary goals for our company. To achieve these, we continuously work on the distribution of more environmentally sustainable products.


Interlab is committed to responsible and fair behaviour towards its customers and the environment. Therefore it’s our natural responsibility to treat our natural resources with care and protect our environment.


We possess and share our mutual responsibility which characterizes our behavior towards customers, employees and suppliers. This very responsibility effects and determines our strategic decisions as well as the representation of our company as a whole. It simply means to set a good example for others and end with recognition, respect and admiration of our business activities.


Around 200 employees contribute to shaping our future. In accordance with the Interlab values, we live a culture of mutual esteem and respect. We want to strengthen our company's ability to act by recruiting, developing and motivating the most suitable employees. In addition, we would like to further enhance the performance culture of our company and promote the diversity of our workforce

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