SYRINGES - for dosage of liquids - 0 dead volume needle - serie T

“A” type needles are designed for optimum penetration with 17° bevel. Alsominimizes the necessary piercing force and diameter of injection channel. “B” type needles has a 90° bevel for precise pipetting. This design relases drops completely, for maximum repreducibility. Ideal for HPLC sample injection. Plunger: stainless steel (plunger runs inside the needle) / Barrel: borosilicate glass / Precision: < +/- 1% of the volume Main use: sample dosage for gas chromatography & dosage of small volume samples & for thin layer chromatography “C” type needles are designed for autosamplers. The tapered tip and the 90° square end eliminate burns. Ideal for PTFE laminated seals and regular septas. “D” type needles are featured with a side opening for dispensing and filling. This design avoids plugging and minimizes septum damage

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