GLOVES - nitrile - 0.12 mm extra thickness

Manufactured pure nitrile free from phthalate softeners and latex proteins which cause allergy to the skin. Provides extra thickness of 0,12 mm which is recommended for daily laboratory use. Thick gloves are specially designed for life science, biomedical research, forensic science and drug handling applications. Extra thickness guarantees extra safety. Classified as CE category 1. Tested an accordance with EN420:2003 standard. Provided with AQL 1,5 offering the highest level of protection according to EN374-2:2003 against penetration of micro-organisms. 40 % more stronger and 60 % leaner than latex gloves. Provides full protection against wide range of chemicals including cylotoxic drugs. Easy to wear. Unique production techniques offers excellent mechanical strength providing multi-use options. Excellent fit to the hands guarantee maximum comfort. Slightly textured finger parts guarantee excellent grip option.

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