Manufactured from ultra clear, impact resistant, UV protected polycarconate according to CE EN166 standard. Ergonomic design guarantees perfect fit. Featured with a clear stratch-proof ,anti-fog, lens with 100% UV protection. Guarantees full protection of eyes including eyebrow and eye sides. Large panaroma lens offer 180° extremely broad field of vision. 30 degree up/down movable side arm also guarantees the optimum lens angle adjustment fort he best configuration. Offers supreme wearing comfort with 27 gram light weight. Featured with side arm length adjustment with integrated stop lock for perfect fit of the spectacle to the face and optimum coverage of the eyes. Offers 24 hour protection against fogging and keeps the spectacles always with a clear visibility. Set consists of 1 x spray unit with antifogging solution and 1 x cleaning ped. The application is very simple and effective. Just press the vaporisation button of the spray unit and spead of the antifogging solution all over the spectacle lens. Soft silicone ear pads at the side arms offer supreme wear comfort and pressurefree fit.

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