ULTRASONIC CLEANERS - with sweep & degas & pulse functions

These ultrasonic cleaners are features with “sweep”, “degass” and “pulse” functions. Most specks are similar to standard ultrasonic cleaners. They also offer ideal solutions for intensive and gentle cleaning of glassware, metal parts, electronic components, instruments. Featured with robust stainless steel vibration tank and housing with handled to carry on both sides. Tubs made of cavitation - proof stainless steel. Assures uniform, precision cleaning over the entire surface, and consistent cavitation that reaches and cleans even tiny crevices on the parts. Membrane keypad with digital LED panel for simultaneous display for set & actual temperature and set & actual time. Memory function keeps settings in memory for frequent and repeated operations. Pause function gives an option to pause and re-start the operation at any desired moment. High heating performance ensures short warm-up period. Heating can be controlled up to 80°C with 1°C increments. Time control is possible between 1-60 minutes with 1 minute increments. Delivered complete with stainless steel lid and stainless steel “standard density” basket.

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