Consists of a stainless steel pipette basket and a specially designed acrylic bath which provides visual control of the cleaning process. Offers a gentle yet effective cleaning option for 0,5 - 20 ml pipettes by ultrasonic waves. Guarantees most effective cleaning where the intricate fine parts are stained and can not be easily removed by an ordinary laboratory brush. Rapidly cleans and rinses the pipettes free from first, dust and all contaminants. Removes contaminants 10 times more effectively than classical cleaning methods. Definitely prevents glass breakage if used correctly. Even very narrow diameter pipettes can be cleaned definitely. Guarantees low consumption of water and cleaning detergent with the help of automatic water supply and drain of access water by syphon principle. All metal parts that contact to cleaning liquid are manufactured either from acrylic, or from stainless steel as resistant to rusting. Featured with a time switch which controls the operation time from 5 minutes to 120 minutes. Ultrasonic pipette cleaner is supplied with the pipette basket.

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