A special “ready-to-use” test strip for determination of water hardness. Clear color changes from green to red guarantee reliable test results. Can precisely determine water hardness in a liquid very precisely from very soft water to very hard water. Since the color change is very clear and sharp with green / red indication they do not require any reference color scale for matching. The hardness of the water depends on its content of calcium and magnesium salts and expressed in terms of ppm (mg/l) CaCO3 Water is often simply classified as “soft water” or “hard water” etc. Below table indicates international references. < 50 ppm : very soft water 50 - 120 ppm : soft water 120 - 240 ppm : medium water 240 - 360 ppm : hard water > 360 ppm : very hard water 100 pieces strip are packed in a box for hygienic storageand for easy dispensing.

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