BALANCE - 0,1 gr precision

Provides comfortable and reliable weighing with 0,1 gr precision with single cell weighing system. Microprocessor controlled weighing technology guarantees fast and precise results at any time. Equipped with external calibration system for quick setting. Featured with easy-to-read, large, backlite LCD display. The user can easily read the indications in the display without the risk of reading errors. State-of-art touch button screen with ergonomically optimised keypad for left and right handed users. When a key is pressed, the pad responds immediately, even if the user is wearing protective gloves. Compact size suitable for small spaces. Occupies minimal space on the laboratory bench. Robust housing protects internal components from environmental effects. Lever indicator and adjusting feet ensure proper balance setup for optimum weighing results. Removable, stainless steel pan with dimensions 185 x 160 mm allows easy cleaning. Equipped with internal rechargeable battery.

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