CENTRIFUGE - mini - high speed

Ideal centrifuge for fast spins for higher RCF requirement, for PCR protocols, for microfilter cell seperations, clinical applications and HPLC protocols. Offers memory function up to 10 different programs. Featured with an explosion proof and fully enclosed strong inner structure for full safety. Brushless DC motor accelerates the rotor to the set speed with low vibration and also with a quiet operation less than 56 dB noise level. Air evacuation system ensures free air flow during high speed to prevent samples being over heated. User friendly large LCD display enables easy setting and reading of the functional parameters. Both RPM and RCF can be set and displayed. The parameters can be modified after the set speed is reached. Metal casing with low gravity, provides stable and reliable running at maximum speed. Starts and reaches the maximum speed of 15.000 rpm with max 15.100 RCF in seconds. Speed can be set with an accuracy of +/- 20 rpm. Timer can be set from30 seconds to 99minutes or continuous running. Timer starts once the target speed is reached for more accurate operation time. Offers quick spins by pressing and holding the “pulse” key. Multi voltage design guarantees stable running and high accuracy of speed. Featured with a dual door interlock system for twice safety. Electronic brake immediately stops when lid opens for user safety. Lid is released automatically when the rotor stops. Rotor is sealed on a tapered shaft which enables tool-free, fast and easy exchange. Supplied with a 12 cavity rotor designed for 1,5&2.0 ml tubes directly and 12 pieces tube adapters of 0,5 ml tube volume.

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