ROTARY EVAPORATORS - vertical & diagonal

Featured with motorised quick-action lift that automatically raises the evaporation flask from the bath in case of any power failure. Chemical-resistant double PTFE system and patented pressure spring guarantees an excellent sealing during operation. Easy to read large digital LCD screen displays heating temperature, rotation speed, time and other parameters. Patented condenser design with 1.500 cm2 effective cooling capacity guarantees excellent cooling effect. Unique motor action enabling selective rotation of the evaporation flask as clockwise or anti-clockwise movement guarantees effective results. Featured with an adjustable final position recognition system for protection of the glass parts from breakage. Timer function with time setting range 1 - 999 minute enables precise control of the operation. Supplied with a large, stainless steel 5 L water-oil bath with precise temperature control from ambient to 180°C. An automatic over-heat protection system automaticaly stops heating if the bath temperature exceeds 220°C.

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