VACUUM MANIFOLD - stainless steel

Vacuum manifolds allow filtration of multiple samples either at once or independently by controlling the separate branch valves. Body and the funnels are manufactured fromAISI 304 quality stainless steel to be used at food, beverage, pharmaceutical and water quality laboratories. The main body is featured with handles on both sides for easy hold and carriage. Robust seamless construction guarantees long life cycle and smooth finishes offers easy cleaning and rinsing. Can operate with a single vacuum pump and depending the chosen model they offer a filtration capacity up to 6 samples at the same time. Stainless steel funnels has a volume capacity of 500 ml. They can be used for sample volumes from 50 ml up to 500 ml. Volume graduation inside walls of the funnels offer practical volume indication of the sample. Suitable to be used with 47/50 mm diameter membrane filters. Attachment and removal of the funnels can be easily achieved with the attached closure clamp. Closure clamps under each funnels once closed guarantee perfect and vacuum tight sealing. The stainless steel frit filter support ensures a uniform distribution of the residues. All parts of vacuum filter set are fully autoclavable. They can also flame strilized. Vacuum manifolds are supplied with a cap for each funnel.

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