SPATULAS - sterile - with lid - polystyrene

Manufactured from high quality polystyrene which resists to most acids, bases and many commonly used solvents. Guarantees temperature resistance between -10°C to °C. Sterile spatulas are manufactured as single use. They eliminate the cost of seperate sterile bags or containers in sample collection. Perfect shape and size enable efficient sampling of various powder, granulate and paste form samples. Sharp blade penetrates directly into paper or plastic bags for optimum and quick sampling process. Easy to grip and long handle increases the distance between the hand and the sample to reduce cross contamination risks. Approximate volume values are printed on scoop handles. Sterile spatulas are featured with a transparent lid which protects the samples from dust, moisture and other effects. The transparent lid should be closed immediately after the sampling to secure a sterile and contemination-free sample. Lid is featured with a frosted write on area for practical use.

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