FREEZING RACK - modular system

Manufactured from corrosion proof, easy to clean, epoxy coated steel wire. Specially suitable for most horizontal and uprigt freezers. They are designed to carry of all size cryo boxes with maximum 135 x 135 base dimensions Alternative models with different box arrays offer possibility of storing both 2 ml and 5 ml boxes according to the chosen model. These racks can be stacked together on top of each other. Alternatively they can be linked side-by- side. With these unique technique they can form any configuration for both horizontal or vertical storage. So, you can buy as many as it is needed for the best solution for your freezer space. Featured with a pull off drawer for easy sample retrieval even from the back of the freezer. The drawer handle with a label area provides easy pull option. Optional top cover provides flat shelf space for additional storage possiblities. Different color options offer visual sorting and organising of different samples.

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