IMMUNOPLATES - maxibinding

Featured with raised rims around wells and alphanumerical labelling. Uniform well volumes ensure equal growth surface area. Manufactured from optically clear, transparent polystyrene with 96 wells especially for ELISA and other immunoassays. Manufactured in germ-free, class 10.000 sterile production areas and then re-sterilized by gamma irradiation. Supplied with a certificate as a guarantee of “DNase, RNase & pyrogen free” product. “Maxibinding” plates are featured with modified polystyrene surface for a higher binding capacity for proteins and other molecules with both hydrophilic and hydrophobic regions. Recommended for most ELISA experiments. Production is done by fully automatic machines. Ideal body form guarantees excellent use with automatic filling machines. Unique design guarantees minimized cross contamination risk. They offer also easy handling with slip-free stacking possibility.

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