MICROSCOPE - biological

Ideal for academic and clinical research with excellent optical system, outstanding resolution and definition. Unique design with backward nosepiece offers larger working space and enables convenient handling. Featured with a 360° rotatable binocular head inclined at 30 with interpupillary distance adjustable 50 mm - 75 mm. Wide field eyepiece with 10X magnification power, 20mm lens diameter enables bright and clear images 4X, 10X, 40X and 100X plan achromatic objectives guarantee net and sharp images. NA 1,25 abbe condenser with iris diaphram and filter holder guarantees ideal contrast. 142x138 mm square mechanical stage with 76 mm leftright and 55 mm back-forward movement offers easy use. Coarse and fine adjustment is enabled with upper limit safety with 0,002 mm fine division and 20 mm maximum moving limit. Each rotation of control knob enables 37,7 mm coarse stroke and 0,2 mm fine stroke. Featured with a power supply 100 Volt - 220 Volt multi input rating and easily replaceable, super bright and powerful LED illumination with adjustable light power. Supplied with dust cover and immertion oil.

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