PCR TUBES - 8 strip

8 strip PCR tubes for thermal transfer and PCR applications are manufactured from ultra clear, high grade polyropylene by fully automatic, human touch free machines. They perfectly fit to all PCR plates and provide fast filling option by 8 channel pipettors. Manufactured in class 10.000 sterile areas as “DNase, RNase & pyrogen free”product. Uniform and thin wall design accelerates the thermal heat transfer and shortens the PCR reaction and cycling times. Unique design offers compatibility with most leading PCR thermal cyclers. When necessary these strips can be cut and used as single PCR tubes. Once caps are closed the tubes guarantee perfect sealing during thermal cycling preventing evaporation. Caps can be opened and closed with one hand without the risk of sample contamination. Flat caps are useful when labelling is required, on the other hand the dome caps prevent reaction solution binding to the cap surface. Group packed with lot number, production date and expiry date printed on the package.

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