RACK - for micro tubes - double side

Manufactured from high grade polypropylene for safe holding and carrying of micro tubes. Resistant to most acids, bases and many commonly used solvents. Guarantees high temperature resistance between -20°C to 흭°C. Rack has two sides and each side accomodates different size and combination of microcentrifuge tubes. Clear box lid enables easy identification of rack content and protects the tubes from dust, moisture and other effects. Alphanumerical index on tube rows enables easy identification of tube positions. Marking areas on wall sides and the lid top enable easy marking and labelling. Different color options offer visual sorting and organising of different samples. Racks can be stacked on top of each other for space saving. Uniquely designed to carry different size micro tubes on both sides. Upper side: carries 96 x 1,5 ml (6x16 array) micro tubes Reverse side: carries 48x0,5 ml (6x8 array) and 96 x 0,2 ml (8x12 array) micro tubes.

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