System consists of a box with lid and a removable tray. Both body, tray and the lid is manufactured from polystyrene. Offers most convenient, organised and versatile way of storing standard microscope slides. System consists of a slide box and a removable tray manufactured from polystrene. Can hold 50 slides as standard. Also can store 100 slides if the slides are placed back-to-back at the slide compartment lots. All slides are stored upright position for easy handling. Slides can be tilted backward and forward by single finger for easier handling and for pick up the selected one. This feature also enables easy and fast reading of the barcodes and labels without removing the slides. Removable tray can be taken out from the magazine box for easier handling. Lid can be folded 180 angle enabling easy handling of the slides. A hinged clear lid offers visual visibility of the slides placed in slide magazine. Once hinged lid is closed the magazine interior is protected from dust and other enviromental effects. Different color options offer easy slide classification and minimize the possiblity of sample mix-up. Alphanumerical index on slide rows enables easy identification of slide positions. Featured with a frosted write on area at the front side of the lid. 2 index cards numbered are supplied with each magazine.

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